Monday, June 28, 2010


Well, everything has been very busy around here! We had JR's 2nd birthday party, family from Ohio the next week, and now we are currently undergoing potty training.

Yes, I said it. Potty training.

With two two year olds.

So far though, things are going great. JR is doing wonderfully and we even went out to dinner as a family last night with great success! JR went potty twice-and let us know he had to go; whoo hoo! You can tell he is quite proud of himself for being such a big boy. We talked to him last night too, about how when he starts to wake up dry he can move into the bunk beds with Little Dude-oh he looked so excited about that idea! I am excited for him; so far this is going well and has been very stress free (which I think is really the key to making it successful).

I have to say I am a little frustrated with Emily, simply because the potty training hasn't been continued over the today it is like we are back at square one from last week. She does tell me she has to go, but is saying she just wants to wear a diaper. And I'm not into fighting them on the potty training; I don't think it is worth the stress. I'm all for letting the children show interest before pushing for it.

So, we may be aborting the second two year old training until it works better for her parent's schedule to continue over the weekends and when Emily decides she likes big girl undies again-she had been so excited last week and had actually been doing better than JR, so I am a little disappointed at this setback. But, no biggie, she will get there. On one note, while grocery shopping early this morning, JR had to go potty, so we went to the car where I have my travel potty set up and let him pee. Emily did want to go then and sit on the potty, so that was a good step today.

You probably noticed (I hope) that I re-did the look of my blog a little; I have to say I am impressed with the options Blogger now lets you do-something I had been disappointed in before. In fact, I had really been considering switching to a WordPress blog when Blogger released the new design editor, so great timing for me!

My work has been very busy-so much to the point that I almost hate getting on the computer anymore. I LOVE my job-and love even more that I work for such great people, but I am really feeling I need a little vacation. The only thing that stinks with my job is that even if I take a few days off, work just piles up-so it really is better to just work a little every day. But I certainly can't complain-being busy at work is always a great sign for job security!

Well, I guess that is all for now; I'll get pictures of JR's birthday up soon!

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