Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

My husband is such a wonderful Daddy to our boys. He plays with them, giggles with them, reads to them, teaches them "man stuff" (like how to pee standing up), and saves them (or me??) when I need a break.

He is amazing, and wonderful, in so many ways.

I got him a hammock this year, so he could relax outside in it and eat a sandwich. I had huge plans to set him up in it and bring out food and drinks and let him chill out.

But apparently I'm not very handy.

After the 2 and a half hours it took me to put up the hammock, the screws popped out of the tree as soon as he got in it. I thought I was going to cry; but my amazing Bill hugged me and told me not to worry-we'd work on setting it up again next weekend when he could help me screw it in better. On top of that; he wanted to just go out to eat instead, so I wouldn't feel sad about him not eating his sandwich in his new hammock.

Then he played with the boys while I caught up on work (and wrote this post).

Isn't he amazing and awesome?

So, Sweetheart, Happy Father's Day. I love you so much. Thanks for being the most wonderful best friend, husband and father in the entire world. I am so glad to be part of Team Z with you.

Bill with the boys "camping out" and "looking at stars" on our ceiling in the living room.

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Miche, this is adorable!