Saturday, June 5, 2010

An Empty Nest

So last weekend, Bill and I got to go have an adult weekend, while the kids stayed with his parents.

It was wonderful and awesome to be "adults" again. We hit up some bars, hung out with kid-free friends again, and stayed up late-like back in college late-way past my current 9pm bedtime late!

And it was awesome.

But Sunday, as we waited for the kids to come back from Grandma's, I had a glimpse of the future and I didn't like it.

The kids were gone. The house was empty.

Though it was wonderful to spend time with just Bill-and I think that every couple needs that now and then (in fact, I think we will be doing it again around Bill's birthday). BUT, being in the quiet house, not breaking up a toy fight, and not hearing hysterical giggles every few minuets made me kinda sad.

I think I'm going to be that mom that really misses her kids, even when they are 30, so I'll be bugging them to come for visits. I'm hoping that they want to visit often.

I also think that now, when my in laws are wanting a visit, I won't be sighing and trying to find an empty day on the calendar. I see now; they MISS us and those visits are now terribly important to me; they are well deserving of knocking aside other plans. Because I know, that soon enough, I will be hoping for similar visits from my kids, when my house becomes much to quiet and their days are much too busy.

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