Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nemo Party

My little JR is obsessed with Nemo. He is still insistent on wearing some Nemo pj's that he has really outgrown. The pants are starting to look like shorts, but honestly I'm scared of the meltdown we will have if the Nemo pj's "disappear".

So, when it came birthday time, I KNEW I had to do a Nemo theme. And I thought it would be easy-just a trip to Party City, right?

No. Because apparently with all the Toy Story 3 promotion, Nemo was discontinued. So surely the Disney Store? No, but we did scoop up fun swimsuits (Nemo for JR, of course), since we were going to have water play. Wal-Mart? No, but I did find stickers, so I scooped those up there.

In my freak out over not having Nemo themed items, Bill mentioned the novel idea of just ordering it on-line. I married a genius.

So, after three clicks and a couple of days I had all Nemo themed fun you could think of. Without further ado, the party:

Our best attempt at a family photo. Really, this was the best.
All the kids eating.
JR, just up from his nap before the party and seeing the many Nemo balloons and decorations for the first time. That face was worth all the run around for the supplies.
Opening presents with is Birthday Boy shirt on (this was after all the water play was over)
Me and my cupcake Nemo. Dude, that was so hard and I was so worried it was going to turn out horribly, but I have to say I think it looks pretty awesome.


Catherine Anne said...

Love catching up on the blog~

Karen said...

I think your family photo is ReALLY cute. :)