Thursday, May 13, 2010

Like Wear Clothes

I feel very blessed that I get to work from home. My job allows me the flexibility to hang out with my kids, save money on day care, and earn extra money at the same time. It is just wonderful, and I wish that all moms that wanted to stay home, but needed to work, could find something similar.

Like Wear® is just that company-it gives moms and dads the opportunity to run an at home business selling character themed clothing items that, well, your kids will LIKE to WEAR!

I was contacted to try out Like Wear® to try their clothes out on my boys-and I can guarantee you they LOVED wearing them. There isn't as big of a selection for boys as for girls-but that is always my clothing complaint. Little Dude picked out a Lke Wear® "Wheaties Champion" shirt that I have to now sneak out of his room to wash-otherwise he will wear it every day. He wore it yesterday and is yes, wearing it again today. At least he as clean shorts and socks (and undies) right?

Like Wear® sells children's clothing featuring modern day and vintage package art, and exclusive designs and unique twists on popular culture. They have created more than 100 images featuring family friendly brands like Wheaties, Trix, Tootsie Roll, Dots, Honda PowerSports and many others-some that are sure to bring back childhood memories of your own!

What I am most impressed with about Like Wear®? They make it possible for a parent to earn extra money from home-which is quite the gift! Like Wear® is the first and only company to focus on selling licensed apparel and accessories via the Direct Selling channel, and features a modern day fusion of a fun, boutique children’s clothing line and more traditional party plan direct sales companies, similar to Mary Kay or The Pampered Chef. Like Wear® provides a flexible and financially rewarding way to earn money or have a career selling a unique line of children’s clothing and accessories that feature products, brands and other stuff moms and their kids really like. Learn how you can start your own business selling Like Wear®

As a side note, I wanted to share as well that even though my son has worn his Wheaties shirt for almost 3 weeks straight, it still looks fantastic, the colors have stayed bright and dirt stains have come out with every wash, so I am very impressed with the quality of clothing.

Yes, my son and I LOVE Like Wear®. You can also learn more at the Like Wear® blogs, from Lisa and KenGold

**I was given a shopping coupon to buy two shirts from the main Like Wear® distributor for the purpose of giving a review, valuing around 30 dollars and immediately feel in love with their direct sales opportunity for stay at home parents.****

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