Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Like A Book

I am so glad my children enjoy reading; Little Dude has even taken to "reading" the stories to us out loud now at story time. Though he is not technically reading the story, he does a very fun job of creating stories to match the pictures, or even having memorized the story and recites it.

When I find books he has memorized, I make a mental note that I can FINALLY take a break from reading it. I can really only handle "Trashy Town" a few hundred times a day.

*They are reading Popular Mechanics; I'm in trouble....

So, this is the life you'll find here if you stopped by the house. The kids reading (or causing chaos) and me watching the cuteness (or yelling about the chaos).

Occasionally I work and clean the house. I sometimes even do laundry.

And read "Trashy Town" a few hundred times; and though I may get hoarse from reading, I am so glad the boys enjoy listening.

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