Monday, May 17, 2010

Building Up

So we only got 1/4 of the way laying deck boards over the weekend. It is a bit frustrating, while we knew we wouldn't finish, we did think we would reach halfway with the boards, but it is going much more slowly-and is much more difficult-than we had thought.

We are laying the boards at a 45 degree angle, to make it stronger and to make it look really pretty. While it should be a simple task of cutting the boards at that angle, it isn't because most of the boards are slightly curved, or slightly warped, or just not straight. Which really sucks when it comes to trying to space, cut, and line up angles. Sigh. But it will be worth it-already our backyard is a much more inviting place to hang out-no more muddy patio! Yay!

The kids have been having a lot of fun "helping" with this project, and it has been a great way to teach about not giving up when things get hard. Our Little Dude has been telling all his toys to "never give up" when, in his play land, something gets hard for the toys. It is so cute-and such a great way to see how he emulates our attitudes.

Not only do our children pick up on our actions and habits, but they also sense our attitudes. While we never told him that we were getting frustrated with the deck, he sensed it, and asked if we were going to quit when we stopped for a break. What a great opportunity it was to teach him how you never NEVER give up.

How proud I am to hear him already soaking that phrase up. Love it.

And even though every muscle in my body is sore from bending over and screwing in deck boards, I know the pain will pay off soon. And that my sons are watching us, so we must show them a great attitude, even when the going gets tough.

Because it never pays to give up.

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Caitlin said...

Hey lady!

I sent you a facebook message. Just a heads up, I don't know how often you check it. I'd better be invited to party on the new deck! I make a mean sangria, which I will contribute to the celebratory efforts..... :)