Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I'm Back!

Yay! I have Internet and cable again! For those that don't know, while Bill and I were in Oak Ridge, TN for his work, we canceled unnecessary things (like cable and Internet) back here in Raleigh, NC. So, I just now got around to having it all hooked up again. I am super excited to watch Oprah again. I LOVE Oprah! And I am super excited to get back to all my blogging friends!

Well, new news for us is that I have finally picked out a paint color for the living room and hallway, so that project will be getting underway soon! We are also getting a new roof, so I have been spending time interviewing potential roofers...I think we finally found someone we like, trust, and who has a decent price, so that project will start soon as well! Now my next project is to interview people to replace our windows with those nifty vinyl ones....can you imagine how much easier it will be to clean all the windows in my house? They fold in for easy access to the outside of the window! YAY! I love light and all the windows in our house are huge and great, but SUCH a PAIN to clean....am I too excited to get "easier to clean" windows? I wonder if that means I am old now....hahah!

Little Dude is starting to pull up on stuff, but no steps without help yet. Also, he has figured out how to go from on his tummy to sitting up, a feat he had not mastered til yesterday! Very cool!!

I have been reading some great books lately (I have not updated my reading list yet, I will do that later) on child rearing and adoption. I want to suggest a great one that I just finished and now I have Bill reading. It is called Siblings Without Rivalry I can't think of the authors right now (it's by two women) and Bill has the book in his car, so I will just have to let you guys know about the authors names, but I'm sure you could find the book without their names. Anyways, the book is great for bringing up conflicts that children AND parents create, leading to rivalry. There are great pointers on how to have the children figure out disputes without making one or the other resentful. Wonderful ideas and very quick to read; I highly recommend it. Bill and I are thinking of trying for a second this fall, so we will let you know in a few years if it is working for us. I think it will.

Well, that is all the time I have for today to update, I will do more later.


DJ Master AG said...

I like your blog and all Michelle... and I'm glad you're back, but I will have to quit visiting if you continue to have flute music on your page. :)

People who are browsing at work (like myself) have people looking at them funny when flute music starts drifting from your desk's speakers while I frantically look for the pause button on your music player.

Oh well... maybe I'll just cut down the volume before heading your way. :)

Zeren said...

Oh my, I was so excited to mess around with code and decorating my blog, I had not thought about how the music would give away people reading my blog at work...I can picture you now trying to stop the flute music..haha!! Anyways, I have removed the music for everyone that might want to read during boring moments at work. :)