Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Here is an update within my post: I have lost my cell phone. I know, I know, I have looked EVERYWHERE. I really hoped Eddie (our dog) would turn up with it, but alas, I think it is gone. Thank goodness I am able to get a new phone for free from Verizon on the 8th of June (you get a new phone upgrade every 2 years with a full cost rebate; Verizon rocks) BUT I will not have one til then AND I don't have anyone's numbers anymore. So guys, if you could, please call the house or email me to leave me your number. Or call Bill on his cell. Or write a letter to the house with your phone number, haha! At any rate, I need your numbers again! Thanks.

Little Dude is now able to stand up all by himself! WOW. There is now a whole new level of baby proofing to be done! I have no idea where I am going to put all the stuff we have on the coffee table right now....haha! Does anyone have tips for how to keep him from pulling the phone cord and knocking the phone off the wall? I am so scared he is going to hit himself in the head with the receiver!! It has gotten to the point that I just don't let him play on the kitchen floor anymore, but I know once he is walking it will be harder to keep him away.Now I wonder how long it will take him to walk? I am excited he is getting close, but very sad too...he's is not really a baby anymore now that he is standing every chance he gets. I guess I am on my way to mothering toddler hood!

On another note, congrats to Connie and her family at Smockity Frocks! They are expecting a little one! She has a cool little count down going that tells you where the baby is developmentally and how many days til it is due! I can't wait to find out what she is having; shopping for baby gifts is so fun!

Another congrats goes out to my friend, Stephanie from Disney World. She and her husband are expecting a baby too! Yay! Man, I am going to get to do a lot of fun baby shopping here soon!! heehee!

Also, everyone keep their fingers crossed for Sam and Dave over at The Road to Maya, they are next to be matched at their agency and are waiting to hear if Maya is coming home soon! Yay!

Today I started sanding and painting the downstairs area we are finishing in our home. Yes, many of you know we started the whole project 2 years ago, and thankfully got the den side done before Little Dude was born, now we are just working on adding a bathroom, laying down wood flooring and painting...yay! So much to do, but we are almost done! I am quite proud of all the work that has been done. If I find a picture of our our first floor used to look (it is a split entry house) I will put it up here with an "after" pic to show the progress we have made! It looks super nice! After it is done we are throwing a huge party! Super Yay! Also, I am getting ready, after I finish painting down stairs (should be done in a few weeks) to paint the upstairs and the dinning room! YAY! I LOVE working on the house and yard...there is always something crafty I can find to do somewhere! I will work on getting pictures and sharing some of my cost effective home decorating and gardening tips soon. If any of you have tips for around the house, drop a line or share them for "Works for me Wednesdays"! You can see cool "Works for me Wednesdays" tips hosted by Rocks In My Dryer!

I got my info packet from Adoption Ark today too! I was super excited to go through it and read everything about what we would have to do to adopt from Lithuania. I have realized though that there are many children who are 4 -17 that really need homes and that there is virtually no one wanting to adopt I really feel that adoption is something we should do someday, but perhaps do it like 7 or 8 years from now and then adopt an older child, say one that is 6-8 years old. What do you guys think? I know the older children often have been through a lot and have had some sort of abuse done to them...but I think that makes it all the more important to adopt them and try to help. We will see though, I am talking about the future and all of us know that life never quite follows our well laid plans.

My job at Dakno is going very well! I am learning a lot about computer code and how real estate web site hosting works...all very exciting since each site is unique! It is quite fun to learn so much new stuff, get paid and still get to stay home for Little Dude. This morning I worked for 2 hours, played with finger paint and sidewalk chalk with Little Dude, and later, while he took a nap, I worked 2 more hours....what an awesome schedule!

Well, I hope everyone has a super fun memorial holiday weekend! Keep prayers and best wishes for all our soldiers and their families, past and present.

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Myfriendconnie said...

Thank you! We don't know yet what we're having, but we do enjoy finding out and can't wait.