Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Beautiful Day!

Well, as you guys may know, I have been trying out American Sign Language with my son. Finally, I have some progress to report! After months of endless signing to him, he finally has started to return signs; letting me know what he needs or wants. We started with "more", "eat", "water" and "finished". About 3 weeks ago Little Guy started to do "more" but we were not quite certain he was doing it to receive more food/drink/etc or if it was just him mimicking us and not understanding that he was making a request. Well today I gave him a little of my ice cream and he did "more". So I gave him more. Then he did it again. And again. And then, out of the blue, he requested water! I thought I was going to faint. So I gave him the water and then he did "eat". I was so shocked I just looked at him....and then he made a grunt, and did "more eat" TOGETHER. TO-GETH-ER. Whoa. I now feel a whole new dynamic to our relationship...he suddenly is intelligent enough to let me know what he wants....and when he wants I have to be diligent enough to keep learning more signs myself. You can find out more information about Baby Signs here! There are also tons of great books I have used from your local libraries. One I highly recommend is called Sign With Your Baby by Joseph Garcia. I have been doing signs with Little Dude since he was 3 months anyone that starts, just have patience. I have heard that if you wait til a little later (like 7-9 months) the children have the motor skills in place to quickly pick up the signs so you don't feel like you have been endlessly signing with no results; however, I have had a blast signing. Also, any of you concerned about signing delaying speech, the book I recommend covers that concern. In my experience, signing makes me speak even more to my child, as I describe everything orally while signing. I am having great fun with it all!

Also, I have found the perfect stay at home mom job! Some of you know I was trying to find something to give me an extra hobby to keep me busy, as well as extra shopping money. I tried getting into some kind of editing, but none of my efforts panned out (its hard to prove you could do at home editing worthy of pay when your only post graduation work experiences are teaching preschool and managing for Starbucks). But wait! My brother in law, John, called and said his website company, DAKNO, needed a VA (virtual assistant). So, now I get to work with maintaining websites by updating and inserting computer code where needed and get paid for doing it in my own free time! Also, the pay is AWESOME and my hours are whatever I want them to be. My plan for now is to just work while Little Dude is napping, which will give me a solid 15 hours a week to work...that will be a nice little shopping nest egg!! Heehee! My first item I want to by is a Dyson. I am in love with the one make for picking up animal hair.....I am planning on getting it with my first two paychecks. YIPPEEEE! Though, if anyone has had a bad experience with their Dyson and recommend a different vacuum, let me know. So far from my research, I think the Dyson rocks. Hmm...What does being excited about buying a high power vacuum say about me? That I am suddenly old *gasp* and that I am a clean freak taking on the wonderfully dirty job of MOM. :)

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