Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Update on Princess

I just got some good news-and trust me, this beginning to Jan has been so amazingly horrible with bad news coming from everywhere, that this news is AWESOME.

Princess' tests came back inconclusive. I know, not negative, but also NOT positive. They can't find that the cancer has spread to any other parts of her body, though they are doing more indepth tests on Friday.

So, if it is the type they are thinking, that means it hasn't spread, and her chances of surviving are HUGE. If it hasn't spread, it could just mean that surgery would get rid of the tumor, perhaps some radiation to keep the tumor from trying to come back-but she would be GOOD!

AND what that inconclusive test could also mean? It might only be a bone infection instead of cancer-PRAISE GOD! Oh my goodness, would that ever be a miracle? Only a bone infection-something treatable and something that won't force us to really make choices about continuing with her adoption.

And that is what we want. We find out for sure on Friday.

Leg, no leg, whatever, she will still be able to do anything she puts her mind to. We want her smiling laughing face to live and come home to us.


Andrea said...

I am so grateful! I've been catching up on your blog this week and the past few post had my heart Dow. I my knees. God is good all the time God is good.

So happy to read this update!

Andrea said...

^down in my knees. Not sure what happened there.

Julie & Patrick said...

So beyond fabulous news!


Kristen said...

Do you know what an idiot I am??? I just now realized who you are on Facebook is who you are on this blog!!! Seriously, PLEASE don't judge me on this!!! I have been and continue to pray for your sweet, sweet princess- for absolute healing. Also, in regards to your previous post, let me tell you- SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who cares if they say she will fit in with the Mexicans. I have a lot of Mexican friends and they always tell me that Munni will be their Mexican daughter- The next time (if there is one) someone says something like that, I hope you say, GOOD!! I want her to feel connected to brown people :) And I have no doubts that you will stand right up for her. I'm sorry that someone you trusted and loved didn't get what a beautiful moment it was that you were sharing with them. Completely and totally their loss. I'm praying that you get all the passport paperwork and stuff quickly so you can bring her home.
hugs and love to you!!!!!