Friday, January 25, 2013

Dossier Transition Labor

So, since I have given birth three times, and all three without any meds (partly due to the speed of my deliveries, partly because a nurse scared me with the "sleep baby syndrome" from the epidoral and partly because I hate needles as it is, let a lone needles in my spine. Anywho) I have decided that the entire process of getting the adoption dossier together IS the transition labor part of birthing.

The hardest, most labor intensive, emotional, and painful part.

Because half the stuff on my list I have to wait to come in the mail, like references, birth certificates, etc. The other half will have me driving for weeks all over town collecting documents, getting notaries, getting appostilles, writing letters, making copies, checking copies, attaching appostille copies....

Every time I think I'm getting a little bit done, I check the list again and just find more that I need to get or do.

So for now, I'm taking it one document at a time (well, actually two documents at a time, because we have to have two originals of everything....)

So, just one at a time, slowly chugging to that light at the end of the tunnel. Just like years ago, when I took one contraction at a time, and Will kept telling me the end was coming, and we were almost there.

We are; I can see the end. We are ALMOST there, and ALMOST ready to send everything to Ind*ia, and yet, it still feels like so much to do.

And the end will be so amazingly wonderful, just as those three special hospital days were, when all the pushing was done.


Julie & Patrick said...

Though I never carried a baby to term, I still believe this is a good analogy! I actually enjoyed this part of the journey, because it felt like the speed in which things were moving were more in my control then ANY other part of the adoption :)

Good luck gathering! And I hope I am not too late to give a bit of advice...with documents that require someone to send something to you, we ordered one extra...because you never know when something might get lost in transit across the sea, though I know this won't happen in your case! ;)


Nikki said...

Excited for you and looking forward to following your story :)