Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Four Years

Four Years ago, Bill and I were having maternity photos taken. They were my birthday present and I was so excited. Little Dude; however, was not, but we did finally get some really wonderful photos of the three of us and my growing belly.

And soon after, this little guy decided to come WAY early:

My water had broken, and we were scared. After a stay in the NICU though, with some super awesome nurses, our JR came home at 5lbs 15 oz. He was so super tiny, that the newborn clothes his brother had never been small enough to wear were too big on him. We got his tiny tiny hands and feet printed on a framed card that still hangs in my office.

JR's birth had scared me so badly, but in the end, we were lucky for everything to turn OK and  perfect. And now, JR is a strong, tough, smart, inventive guy with a shy streak and the biggest hugs and greatest smiles:

We blinked and four years went by. JR is such  joy and I love hearing his little voice asking for an apple, even if it is right after dinner has been eaten. You can see some of my favorite photos of JR during years one, two and three, too!

Happy Birthday, my little pumpkin.

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Anwesha said...

I remember seeing you for the first time at a panthers party. Ben was very small and he was napping on your lap and you were having a beer after a long time and everyone was happy you had had a good time!
Also, am sorry all these things require so much running around and paper-work. I remember being stressed all the time when me and John were filing for the marriage visa paper-work. It was just way too much then and we have yet another round of paper-work coming up in July. I cannot wait to get that done with. Keep us posted,best wishes!!