Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Not Feeling Well

Oh goodness; where did July go? I have been so very busy lately that time has just slipped by and somehow I am still behind on everything.

Like, I need to get to the library today before I own a bunch of dimes. And I need to mail baptism gifts for my nephews. And I need to play catch up on my never ending pile of things at work.

Oh sigh.

And on top of it, I'm not feeling so hot. Simply put, I am just tired and feel run down and since it looks like all the kids are developing colds, I have a feeling I'll be sick here soon, too.

I really just want to crawl into bed and go to sleep. Or read a good book. Hmmm. I guess it is a good thing I need to go to the library. Nothing like feeding procrastination with a book....

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love letters said...

Sounds like Michey needs a break!