Monday, August 9, 2010

Sometimes, We Just Hang Out

After church we went to the art museum! It was pretty fun, though to be honest, I don't know why they built the new building, just to have the old one stand empty. It is a lovely building, but it just seems a waste to have an empty building there, that was serving just as well for displaying everything.

I must say, the museum feels super duper fancy now-I actually was glad we looked nice from church, because otherwise I would have felt funny walking around the fancy building in jean shorts and flip flops-my usual lazy day attire.

I found out there are some GREAT trails for the kids to enjoy once the weather finally cools off, and I am super excited to hit those up with everyone; it would be a great group playdate place, too.

Now that I have a great group of moms around, I need to get everyone together for a group playdate so they can all meet. Perhaps this fall the cool weather will get me motivated to plan something for everyone.

In the meantime, I am hot. And tired. And really ready for fall.


Karen said...

I always plan for things "when the weather cools down" because then everyone will take fewer vacations, be less yuckified by the hot weather, etc.... but then it's football season and that seems to take up the whole weekend most weekends, and then it's time for Thanksgiving and Christmas before we know it!

nancymoo said...

Oh, Michelle, what a beautiful picture of your family!! I haven't seen the new art museum building - is it in the same location as the old one?