Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Late Nights

Since September, Bill has been commuting back and forth from Alabama to NC every two weeks.

We initially decided for the kids and me to stay in NC after Little Dude's birthday because we thought Bill would be done and able to be back home by the begining of Oct.

But each time the deadline would arrive, something would happen and his "done date" would be extended a few more weeks. Just short enough of a time for us to decide that packing the kids and ALL their stuff to back to AL wouldn't be worth it. Yet long enough, that now, after a few times of that happening, we are in Dec. and still doing the every-other-weekend-visit thing.

And a side effect of that has been that I have not been sleeping so well at night. It just takes me forever to fall asleep, so I usually just stay up and work, though tonight I didn't, even though it would have been a good chance to get ahead. I got sucked in by "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" . That show is so ridiculous it is impossible to not watch. How in the world are there THAT many women who don't realize a baby is kicking them? One of the girls tonight even say SHE DIDN'T USE ANY BIRTH CONTROL AT ALL. And just thought her missed period and weight gain was stress. Wow. Anyways.

So, now I am debating going back to Alabama after Christmas, if Bill ends up thinking he will be there longer. I really don't think I can do too many more months of single parenting. If I worked a real job where I got to TALK to ADULTS for a period of time, I'd be fine.

But staying at home all day with the kids-while super fun and a huge blessing MOST of the time-can be a little draining on my need for some social interaction that doesn't involve Thomas the Train or "I POOPED!" conversations with my 3 year old. Though Little Dude's conversations are great for some laughs later on my end, they can sometimes drag out for a looooonnnnggg tiiiiimmmmmeee, just to get one thought across, and there are 103 more thoughts right behind it going equally as slowly, and often not even on the same subject. You have to wait for it; by the end he ties it all together, sometimes.


Andrea said...

Miche I think that would be the best for you...I can't imagine how hard this is for everyone, being apart and back and forth. Do what's best for you and your family....Ugh, I wish things were different. Sigh.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, I know how it is with mine and I have a hubby that is here. Hard decisions. Thinking of you.


Nell said...

That would be rough. My husband works a lot and I'm basically a single Mom much of the time, but he fact is he is here and I do see him.


Caitlin said...

If you miss having a man at home, I can send John to stay with you for a while. He works from home. I never have the house to myself. Plus he's good with kids.

....Oh, even better! I'll send John to watch the boys, you come here and stay at our house. Deal?