Thursday, November 12, 2009

Little Dude' s Little Sister

This morning, I was getting breakfast on the table for the kids-JR sitting and EXCITED to eat, while Little Dude was still in the bathroom doing his morning routine of saying "good morning" to all his toys.

The routine usually finishes-about the time I place breakfast on the table-with Little Dude running out to hop in his chair. This morning though, we had an extra mouth to feed.

Little Dude stumbled upon a little stuffed frog (that has not ever been played with) and promptly named it Little Sister.

We had to get her a plate and a drink at breakfast, though at lunch she had to nap and missed out on our sandwiches. Dinner? Little Sister thought it was SO YUMMY.

And it was fun hearing Little Dude telling his baby: good job! clean your toys up! time for a nap! go in the corner! let's read a story! are you thirsty?

And Little Dude (apparently at Little Sister's request) even tried to get some candy out of the parenting gig by insisting that she had been REALLY good and deserved some. I tried the pretend stuff, but that didn't fly.

Right now, Little Dude is curled up with Little Sister in bed, and was telling her all about Thomas the Train when I tucked him in. It was so cute to watch him, and I was really surprised he kept with the pretend play all day long. This three year old stage is super fun!

It will be interesting to see if he remembers the little frog toy in the morning.

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