Thursday, November 19, 2009

Jean Chatzky: Tips For Saving Money

I've been invited to talk with Jean Chatzky and some other very amazing mom bloggers, like Maria Bailey, for a Blogger Audiocast on how to save money in our economy AND how to keep your budget in check for Christmas. She will also be sharing recommendations on how to get your finances back on track after the holidays.

You can submit YOUR questions on how to stretch your money this Christmas by leaving comments here, tweeting me @MicheZ, or tweeting Jean @JeanChatzky.

The audiocast is today from 10am to 11am, EST, so be sure to follow along and check out

I also have a goody bag for one of my readers that includes Jean's new book, "Pay It Down!", focused how families can save, spend and survive in the current economic climate. To win, simply leave me a comment, either suggesting some of your budget keeping tips OR some of your budgeting questions (or both!).

I hope you enjoy! I'm looking forward to your tips and questions!

PS, the book I'm giving away was given to me for the purpose of giving to a reader and I did also get a copy for myself that I'm really excited to read!


Anonymous said...
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Shell said...

Very cool! I'll have to check it out!

I think the best way that helps me stick to a budget has to be with grocery shopping. Even though I don't use coupons as much as I should, I always sit down and plan meals carefully first and be sure that some of the recipes can share ingredients, so I'm not buying a ton or wasting ingredients. Then, with my list, I'm sure to check the kitchen carefully to see if I already have something on there, so I'm not being wasteful. And then, once I'm in the store, I STICK TO MY LIST. The only exception is if something is on an AMAZING sale, Other than that, no impulse items.

Miche said...

Shell-Those are GREAT tips on grocery shopping and ones I need to stick with better. I'm horrible at sticking to my list, but working on it :)