Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Adventures In Babywearing

All my carriers I've used over the past 3 years:

Me and Little Dude with my first carrier, a pouch sling. I got it off ebay after I met a woman who was using a "New Native" carrier back in late 2006. Since I had no idea about babywearing,
I didn't want to shell out much money for a carrier, so I opted for a cheaper version made by a stay at home mom. I have used this tons, and it has a permenant spot in my car for quick trips in and out of stores.
Me and JR in our Babyhawk Mei Tai. This is my must have carrier if I will be carring JR for a long period of time, or doing a lot of walking (like on a hiking trail or the zoo) The only down side is that if he falls asleep I have to have someone help me get his arms back inside the loops so I can get the head rest right for him. He is at the age now though that he stays awake most of the time for our adventures.

JR in another pouch sling that I got as a gift. This one is great for winter because of the nice padding.

JR in my first ring sling; this one is super great and my very favorite because of the great padding and soft lining, but the lady that made it has stopped selling them.

My Bjorn, I have the sport one, made out of really mesh-y material. It was perfect for hot days in AL, and I found it really comfy until JR got over 13 lbs. I know a lot of people don't count it as "babywearing" , but I do.

I think this is my all time favorite sling, because it has a pocket that is perfect for my wallet. It is a great grab and go carrier for the grocery store, so if you run into me there, you'll find JR is usually in this one.


casual friday every day said...

Look how cute you and your little guys are!


Alexandra said...

I love pictures of babies snuggled close to mom (or dad) is a sling! I just looks cozy.

Catherine Anne said...

Love the baby wearing pics! Love wearing my babies~