Monday, September 7, 2009

All The Single Ladies

I'm giving all the single moms out there a huge high five.

Bill left for the airport today around 2:30pm, and I am JUST NOW getting the kids in bed (and staying in bed!) and have FINALLY found some time to get in some work.

I am so worn out; it is amazing how two little guys can run circles around me all night! I am really missing the help Bill always gives in the evenings, and our bedtime routine was not quite as fun without him there to help read stories. Even though I am very happy to be home, it is a little sad, and already a little lonely, to be here alone with the kids. But Bill will be able to be back for a weekend in two weeks and then hopefully after that it will only be a few more weeks that he has to be in AL anymore at all.

We have some fun stuff planned this week. I'm going to be meeting another mom blogger for the first time later this week for a playdate, and I am super exited about it!

One of my close friends is due to have her baby, Henry, any day now, and I am so excited to get "the call".

I am also excited to get caught up on a lot of work for my job and the house. I have high hopes of holding a yard sale in the next month. I have about a gazillion baby toys we need to weed out and pass on to other people.

Little Dude had the BEST birthday ever; it was so great seeing our friends, and watching him play with all of his friends. All the neighborhood kids have gotten so big! I'll work on getting pictures up for everyone as soon as possible. I still can't believe my little guy is 3 years old.


@sweetbabboo said...

We're definitely looking forward to it. Hope we provide you a little break from the craziness that is single parenting.


casual friday every day said...

I feel that way when my husband works too much and he isn't home to help. I totally get how hard it is for single moms!


Andrea said...

You do an amazing job and no doubt those boys keep you crazy busy.

I cannot wait to give you "the call"! Although the doc told me no progress today. :(

So cool to be able to spend Little Dude's special 3rd b-day with him. Thanks for letting us be part of his life, we love it!!

Catherine Anne said...

Love it here!