Monday, July 27, 2009

Stalking BlogHer09

If you are pretty active in the blog world, you might have heard about a little blogging conference that took place over the weekend in the amazing city of Chicago.

There were amazing parties and tons of amazing freebies, like washer and dryers, laptops, salon and spa treatments! (I'm not jealous though, I had a grand time playing putt putt).

People got to meet Paula Dean (OK, now I am a little jealous, but only a little) and in true stalker fashion, I followed the tweets as closely as possible in between folding laundry. And vacuuming. And doing dishes. Man, my house is clean right now!

Anyways, I am hopeful I can go next year to the conference, so I can meet up with some of my favorite bloggers, while enjoying some GREAT blogging, technology information, business tips and networking advice.

So, here is my shameless plug: if you are a company looking to have a blogger represent you at the BlogHer 10 conference in New York City (squeal!) feel free to contact me, because I would LOVE to talk about how great your company is in exchange for the chance to meet Tim Gunn. And Paula Dean. And get a makeover.

And hopefully, instead of stalking BlogHer 10, I'll be in the middle of it.

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Nell said...

I hope you can make it. I doubt I'll go because of its location, but you never know.