Friday, July 31, 2009

Pee Goes Outside

I had something else in mind this morning to write, but as I started typing, my sweet Little Dude came up and asked me if he could pee outide.

My natural reaction, was WHY and a huge reminder that we were INSIDE.

"Yes," he replied, (as though that was just OBVIOUS). "But you see, we are going to play golf. And golf is outside".

Logical, yes? I have to say, he is rather logical.

So I started the questioning, "Do you need to go potty?" "No". "Are you sure?" "Yep".

"So, why do you want to Pee outside?"

"Beacuse it is SO FUN!"

And while I don't really know the joy of peeing outside that guys seem to enjoy (usually when I do it, it is because there is just NO BATHROOM ANYWHERE. That includes outside gas staion bathrooms, I NEVER use those. My bathrooms must be inside, where they might be sorta clean, but I digress)I have to agree, that doing things just for the fun of it is something I have lost. I get so caught up in what we are learning, when I do things with our children. Is this educaitonal? Is it teaching them something? Are they going to pick up this skill by doing that project? In kid movies (it's an educational video). Playdough? Gross Motor Skills! We need this toy so we can work on Fine Motor Skills! Perhaps I feel more pressure that my children should have accomplished skills since I used to teach preschool.

But I have lost the FUN in the events.

And what did we do? I let my son pee outside in the bush by our patio. Gross? Maybe, but for him it was SO FUN. And I didn't try to turn it into a lesson. I need to make sure I focus on doing fun things, just for the fun of it, more often.

Just another lesson I have learned from my children.

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