Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The park

Today has been wonderful! Little Dude and I went to Lake Benson Park for a picnic and play! He had TONS of fun! I also walked tons, which was great to do since with all the crappy cold weather we have had I haven't been able to walk/jog as much as I would like.

Bill and John are setting up a new computer for me and I am super excited! They are taking pieces and parts from other computers, adding some upgrades, etc, and creating a monster computer! All for me too, so I can start keeping Little Dudes pictures on there, instead of on Bill's, and thus you guys will all get to see pictures a lot sooner! Also, it will make work a lot easier, since during the day now I work on John's computer and at night or weekends I work on Bill's...so I haven't been able to save info that would be useful to have saved. Now I will be able to! Yay!

I also saw the movie "Wild Hogs" over the weekend...guys it is SO FUNNY! I didn't stop laughing the whole time. I know that is not saying much, since I laugh a lot, but really, everyone should see it. Bill and John were laughing tons too! The movie was just great. In other movie info, I really thought I would like "Dragon Wars", judging by the tv commercials, and I just love dragon movies and such. However, when I read the info on the back of the movie, it sounded like the dumbest, stupidest, most horrible, razzie winning movie ever. If anyone liked it, you'll have to tell me how.

We are planning on having a huge superbowl party with a keg and all our friends and neighbors. I am super excited to cook a bunch of food and get everything set up. Parties are just so fun! I guess I will cheer for the Giants, simply because the Patriots always win, but honestly I only watch the superbowl for the commercials. I love college sports, but I have never gotten big on pro-sports (except soccer).

Thats all the update for now! 2 more weeks and we find out if the new baby is a girl or a boy....I swear the waiting is worse this time than it was with Little Dude...I am DYING to know NOW what we are having! LOL!!!

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