Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Years!

We had a fantastic new years! Our friends, Alan and Andrea, threw an awesome party and I got to drink tons of Sparkling Cider! AJ ended up falling asleep before the new year, and since I was holding him bill kept getting me food and drinks....ahhh luxury!

It was super fun seeing all our friends over the long Christmas break too. Asheville was great fun this trip and my Dad made an amazing turkey stuffed with goose stuffed with chicken was marvelous! AJ also got super spoiled from all his Grandparents with TONS of toys...I have no idea where to put everything! Good thing we are having another baby!

Speaking of the new baby, we had another ultrasound picture done on New Year's Eve, and he/she was moving all around and kicking up a storm (though I haven't felt anything yet) I think AJ is going to have a very active buddy! I can't wait for the two kids to play outside together! Our Due date is July 15th, but I am betting I come early, maybe even close to the end of June since AJ came early and I read in a book that second pregnancies usually are easier and come a little earlier since your body knows what to do....but then, the books said labor can last for hours and from the time my water broke to AJ coming out was 3 hours TOTAL so there was no time for any meds, even if I had wanted them(I wanted a natural birth anyway)....and my contractions didn't start til we were in the car and they never stopped.....soooo who knows. Anyways, the little one looks to be ready to play! We have one more checkup for the heartbeat the middle of this month, Then the 2nd week of Feb. we get to go in for another ultrasound to see what the sex is! I am so excited to find out!

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