Tuesday, November 26, 2013

This Blog is Private Now

Not related to the post, but our family with Grandpa Zeren from Ohio earlier this year. I love this photo. 
So, I have come full circle from when I started my blog. Back in 2005, it was meant just as a way to have a "diary" of our first son's being a baby while we lived away from family.

It quickly turned into more than that, and I started getting items to review, got hooked up with lots of large companies, and had a huge readership.

Then I neglected to renew my url with GoDaddy and lost the domain.

And then we had our third baby and started looking at adoption options for our fourth child and my blog fell off my radar.

I lost all desire to chase traffic numbers or keep up with reviewing items. And I sorta liked the small group of good online friends/moms I had found. So I kept it as so, and stopped blogging for others and got back to blogging just for our family.

Except, in the midst of all that, my mom and dad had a HUGE falling out with my grandparents and Texas family. Like huge in that my wedding turned into a firestorm the week before with adults saying they weren't coming if this person came, we won't show up if that person comes...it was really awesome. (Actually, my wedding was awesome, but it stunk to have them all fighting over money and inheritance after my grandfather's death. Anyways.)

The fighting became worse, and mixed in with other behavior and tempers and actions, Bill and I decided it was best for our children to not have my parents be around them until they could get some of their demons under control. That hasn't happen yet, so our relationship has been none in the last 6 years.

Honestly, I find more peace and happiness not having to worry and stress and be scared about their actions around me or my kids. It sounds harsh, but, it is what it is, and this set up I know is much better and safer for my children and so that is how it will be.

But, in saying all that (I'm sharing a lot here, he? haha) My mom found my blog and read about our adoption, and left some rather nasty comments about what we are trying to do. Perhaps you saw them? I apologize if you did. I wanted to get them down asap after I saw them, but I might not have been quick enough. But, in any case, I don't want to mess with her leaving horrible comments or leaving rambling stories about needing money or saying whatever details about their life I'd rather not discuss, so on that I decided the best course would be to make the blog private and have it set so that only you guys that I love having an online conversation with can read it.

Anyone that wants to read, of if you know other people that would love to get in touch (especially other adoptive moms!) Have them email me, michellezeren@yahoo.com and give me their email so they can be added as approved readers.

Thanks ya'll,


Stephanie Precourt said...

I've come full circle, too. Hoping for peace in your family! I hear you on that, too.


Miche said...

Oh I'm glad you still use that email!!! Part of making this private was sad thinking I'd lose touch with some of the awesome bloggers like you :) I loved the 2008 period were so many of us were close and doing videos and reviews and such fun stuff, but it is also nice, to not think about what readers will be entertained by, but instead to just journal our boys' lives so I can look back wen they are all grown and gone :) You are one of my favorite online moms and one of the first blogs I started reading all the time, so I'm glad we are still in touch :) Hugs to you, Steph!

Beth S said...

thanks for adding me! I definitely come here now & then to see if there have been developments in bring your sweet girl home. I'm sorry that there hasn't been much action in that regard.

& I really just don't understand why you are getting such negative feedback from family. Parenting is hard either way, & you've decided that you want to try and change a little girl's life for the better.

Hugs & Happy Thanksgiving- I hope we see you guys sometime soon!

Caitlin said...

I hear you on making blogs private because of crazy family. It makes you wonder how these people function in the real world, huh?