Saturday, October 20, 2012

I Bought Our Daughter A Doll

AHHHHH! I bought our sweet princess a doll off ebay awhile ago, and ever since I've been crazy looking out for the ups truck.

And TODAY the doll came! AHHHHH! Her first doll!

Isn't the doll lovely? It is a "Barbie in India", new in the box. The Sari is SO very lovely. And I can't get over the beautiful jewelry details and the little detailed shoes. I really hope our little Princess loves it.

I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that only recently have I realized that there are very few dolls that reflect the features our princess will have. Being white, I never really noticed or thought about how the lack of dark skin  and medium shaded dolls might impact the way a little girl's self esteem grows.  And I really want her to be so very proud to be an Indian, and to see Indian women the way I do-as some of the most intelligent and breathtakingly beautiful women I have ever met.

And I have tried to find an "Indian heritage" doll, and so far the only close thing I have found that I could also afford was the Jasmine baby doll from Disney, and that just wasn't going to cut it, because frankly the doll looks white.

I am excited to buy her dolls, and I know she will end up with some white and black dolls, but I so very much wanted to find at least one that had her Indian features and showcased the beauty of her heritage. So I hunted some Indian themed dolls down on ebay and finally won a bid. I'm so in love with the Sari this Barbie is wearing, too!

I found more on ebay too, (yippiee!) but I'll have to wait out for good deals on them, as I guess this series is a bit of a collector doll more than a "play doll", and the prices are a bit too  high from something I need to be OK with letting Princess color on, haha :)

I can't wait to get down on the floor with our Princess and play dolls.

And in the meantime, we are just waiting to hear back that our homestudy has been approved. Then it is off to beg for grants and fund-raise! We are getting closer!


mc said...

Have you heard of the Heart 4 Hearts Girls dolls? They are well-priced and there is an Indian doll. And each doll is inspired by a real little girls story. Neat concept! You can see the doll here:

It is somewhere around $25-$30 and I think available at Target if you are in the US. I've been eyeing that one myself:)

Miche said...

I had not, but I love them! Thanks for sharing that with me!!!! That is so perfect!