Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kindergarten Is Here

Two Days until Little Dude starts Kindergarten.

He is suddenly not so little, and makes me so proud. He is such an awesome little guy and I know he is going to have so much fun at school. He has been excited about it all week, but today drove me a bit batty asking if it was time to go yet. I kept having to say Two More Days. 

Finally I really do understand now all those sweet old women who would smile and tell me not to blink, while I pushed a crying baby in a stroller and through sleep deprived eyes searched for a place to nurse privately.

And usually just ended up in my car, looking forward to when I wouldn't have to interrupt grocery shopping with a stop for nursing.

And now that time has come and I'm choked up realizing

I blinked.

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songbird24 said...

aww! gave me goose-bumps