Saturday, April 28, 2012

JR Playing Soccer

When we first signed up both boys for soccer, we had thought Little Dude and JR would be on the same team (since they are only 19 months apart) BUT, it worked out that the boys were put on separate teams, because Little Dude had played last year, and there were enough first time players to create two teams of just first time kids.

We considered trying to request changing that, but then didn't.

 And I am so SO glad; because while Little Dude is your super typical first born, JR is much more glad to just sit back and watch Little Dude take charge. Being on HIS OWN team has made JR really come out of the shadows-and we see the pride he feels for HIS team.

It is so awesome to see him bloom more, in a way I know he wouldn't have if he had been sharing this team with Little Dude:
Things always work out as they should.


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