Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Photos of Champ

Hi all! So, today was Champ's due date-that is a little crazy to realize since it already seems like he has been here forever and has gotten so big already since leaving the hospital (he is already at 7lb 10 oz, and had dropped to 6lb 15 oz) Since it has been SO LONG since I put anything on here, I thought I would share some photos!

Here is me on the 23rd, the very last belly shot we got. Champ came 3 days later and you can check out all the adorable photos below. I sorta miss being pregnant; but at the same time, it is very fun to sleep on my stomach again!

So far, Champ is an amazing baby-all calm until time to eat or poop, which is just AWESOME. Last night and the night before he actually when 5 hours at one stretch; a nice break from the around-the-clock 2 hour feedings he was demanding. I'm hoping this nice trend continues; we will find out tonight!

Little Dude and JR are in love with him and very proud to help out; so far we have had quite a nice adjustment to becoming a family of 5-and partly because we have such amazing friends and family that have brought us dinners and helped us out so very much over the last two weeks.

OK, now for cute photos:

Here is Champ on his birthday, 3-26-11. He was born at 5:55am  at 7lbs 9 oz and 21 inches long. (my contractions started at 4am; I am very glad he didn't come in the truck)
Here is Bill and Champ, with Bill being silly and staging his pose to act like Champ's and predict our future for the coming weeks. Even though it is staged, I love this photo :)

Here are our three boys! To get Champ's jaundice numbers down quickly we had to do formula and breastfeeding, so Little Dude and JR got to help feed when they came to see us Sat. night.

Here is one very proud Papa and  his cute namesake, Champ.

So, that is all the news around here-I will work hard to get on here more often now that we are kinda getting a new normal going on around here. Now I need to hurry and clean before Bill gets home so it looks like I did "something" today.

Surely you guys all do that too, right? Right?

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