Sunday, May 1, 2011

ABC Easy As 123

Somehow an entire month has gone by since Champ made his debut. It has gone by very quickly and at the same time, has felt pretty normal.

Some things are crazy still. Like the fact it takes me 2 hours to get everyone dressed and out the door somewhere.....or the fact that laundry has somehow grown by a factor of 20 to the 10th power. Literally.

But, I am getting everyone to preschool on time, and getting dinner done, and grocery shopping done. And let us not forget just simply keeping everyone alive. That really is a feat in and of itself with two boys that are rough and tough and want nothing more than to hug their baby bro a LITTLE too tightly.

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Caitlin said...

So you have a blonde, and a red head...fingers crossed that Champ is a brunette!

Thank you for your email the other day. You are awesome, and I'm really thankful John made friends with you so that I could steal you several years later. :)