Friday, February 22, 2013

Help From Adoptive Moms Please

I have a request for any moms/dads that have adopted, especially any from Ind*a.

Can you guys leave me comments with what kids books you suggest to have for our sons and our future daughter? Can you suggest any kids fairy tales or nursery rhyme books from Ind*a? Are there any really great adoption kid books to read to our future daughter and son to really help open up the discussions on a small kid level about how awesome adoption is? And most importantly, any book that you love that show characters of color, especially if there are any of Ind*an decent depicted.

I have this list so far for kid books:

A Mother for Choco by Keiko Kasza
A Child is Born by Margaret Wise Brown
I Wished For You by Marianne Richmond
Over the Moon by Karen Katz
God Found Us You by Lisa Bergren

And a cookbook I'm looking at ordering:

Anjum's New Indian by Anjum Anand

Does anyone know if this might have good recipes to incorporate into our meal rotations? I've made a pumpkin curry chicken and couscous that the kids and Bill (and I) LOVED. I've made it a few times now, and then I've made a coconut curry chicken from a mix I got at the Ind*a market near our house, but I think it would be better if I found some ones to make from "scrtach" rather than mixes, so we can avoid all that salt (and the mixes are expensive when you have to buy double to feed everyone,ha!)

So, can you ladies help me out? What books do your children love? And are there any that are great illustrations about Ind*a? I would love to find some kind of illuinated book about Ind*a to read to all the kids.

And cooking...if there are ANY kid dishes that you think she will be most familiar with, or that might be comforting (like how I feel when I find some place with sweet iced tea in a northern state) I'd love to have something that I could cook that might give her that same comfort.

AND as a Christmas gift this coming year, we are going to give out "Family of Adoption" to everyone, is there any other books you found to be awesome to give family in preparation to your adoptions?

OK, send me your ideas and reccomendations!

THANK YOU ALL! I don't know what in the world I would do without you; I'm so grateful for blogging and the internet and even facebook. Though, don't say anything on facebook yet, we won't put anything offical on there until we have guardianship and our daughter is legally ours-just private message me if you know me on there. :)



Karen said...

Here are a few book ideas:

-The Story of Little Babaji by Helen Bannerman and Fred Marcellino (this is the old tale of Little Black Sambo, properly re-set in India and with Indian illustrations)

-Whose Knees Are These
-Whose Toes Are Those
both by Jabari Asim
(board books for the little ones)

One toughie for me was finding fairy tales with brown-skinned characters in the illustrations. We like some of the books published by Jump At The Sun, particularly Goldilocks (with cornrows and gold beads). I looked and looked for a compilation of Fairy Tales and the best I could find was Mary Englebreit's Fairy Tales, which has a few characters of color.

I also asked our children's librarian for her favorite books with children of color in the illustrations. She was thrilled to compile a nice long list for us.

Can't wait to see more suggestions!

Karen W.
(2 bio kids + 1 from Ind*a and another Ind*an adoption on the way)

Miche said...

Karen! Thank you!!! And HOW exciting!! Do you know where in Ind*a your child is from yet? Where are you in the process? Great to "meet" you!

Julie & Patrick said...

In addition to Karen's list we've also enjoyed

The Road to Mumbai - by Ruth Jeyaveeran

Monsoon - by Uma Krishnaswami

Bringing Asha Home - by Uma Krishnaswami

By Dadima Wears a Sari - by Kashmira Sheth

I is for India - Prodeepta Das

The Family Book - by Todd Parr

The Skin You Live In - by Michael Tyler

We Are Different, We Are the Same - by Bobbi Kates

Gosh...I could go on, but there is a good place to start!

Enjoy building your library!


Miche said...

Oh Julie, thank you!!!! I'm excited to start hunting these down on amazon :) Yay! THANKS!!!!