Monday, September 26, 2011

Hey Monday 6 Months

My littlest little man is 6 Months today.
ignore the dirty mirror.....

It seems crazy that he is already that old, I really feel like we just got settled.

  • He is rolling all over the place and scooting with a determined efficiency.
  • Bouncing is currently his favorite thing to do, and he likes to turn his head sideways or upside down to look at people. We have to be constantly ready to keep a hold of his ever twisting and turning body weight. 
  • He LOVES to watch his brothers and they are still every enchanted with him; that makes my heart so happy.
  • He gives HUGE toothless smiles all the time and I am cherishing them all, as I know from the amount of drool and chomping he is doing that teeth will probably be emerging soon and that lovely newborn-ness will be all gone then. 
It is funny, but I have a deeper appreciation with my third child. With my first, Little Dude, I was just trying to figure everything out; with  my second, JR, I was SO SAD to see him grow, as it went by much to quickly in a whirlwind of activity. With Champ though, even though I hate to see the stages pass by, I am making sure to take the time to enjoy it and to ENJOY his growing. Through our little blog-o-sphere here, I have met far too many moms and dads who have lost children to illnesses, experienced great loss, or pushed through still births.

I've connected with so many, and know there are so many more out there. So while I can't believe 6 months have already flown by, but I am, at this moment, so grateful that I was given these past 6 months and I am hopeful I get to see his next 60 years.

*The post title is from a song that came up on Pandora today called 6 Months by a group called "Hey Monday". You can hear/see it here:

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Searching For Simplicity said...

Aww, what a CUTIE and I love your sling! I just found your blog through Adventures in Babywearing. I'm your newest follower!