Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloween pictures!

Hey, everyone! Well, I have a few Halloween pictures to share! I promise to have more, as well as birthday pics, ect, posted by Saturday.

Halloween was SUPER fun! We had Mike, Beth, Julie and John over at the house. I dressed up as a Starbucks Baritsa, Bill was a hockey player, and Little Dude was Mickey Mouse. (Most awesome costume ever, since I once worked at Disney World as the Big Cheese!) We took Little Dude over to see all the neighbors and over to Alan and Andrea's house to visit. Little Dude had so much fun collecting candy in his basket and carrying it around on his arm! This year Bill and I got away with eating the candy, but next year I know he will wise up and want some....
Isn't he cute? His outfit had gloves too, but those did not go over well! OK, I will update more later; time to fix lunch!

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