Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Our Trip to Texas

Here is my cousin Erika and her new husband, Jim, right after their beautiful ceremony. they have been together 5 years now and just a most wonderful couple. Isn't her dress georgeous?

Her new in laws fell in love with Little Dude so now she is under pressure to have some grand babies. Maybe I'll be going back down for a baby shower soon!

My little sis, Lisa, caught the bouquet!!! She looks so beautiful holding the flowers....kinda like a bride! One of my cousin Kurt's friends caught the garter...his girlfriend was not amused when my Aunt joked he and Lisa had to get married. The two of them thought it was funny though and even shared a dance. Fun times!

Here is Little Dude having "ABC" pancakes I made for him! Aren't they cute? This was the morning we left for our trip to Texas to see my family.

This is my Grandma and me! She is 89 years old and still gets around just fine. I am so proud of her! Also, isn't she just so beautiful? She is 1/2 Navaho Indian and Mexican. None of my friends would ever guess I had any of those genes in me! Haha! I got all the lilly white genes from my Dad's Irish family.

Below is a group picture of my Texas family having fun at Applebees before my cousin's wedding. It was a great way to relax and talk before all the wedding craziness.

Left to right: Grandma (Little Dude's Great-Grandma!!) My cousin Kurt, my sister Lisa, Bill, Me, My Aunt Marla, and my Uncle Bruce. Little Dude is asleep in the carrier at the bottom of the pic, you can see the top of his head. It was soooo wonderful to spend time with everyone and catch up with my cousins. I am hoping I get to go back down soon and do some site seeing with them.

Here is a family pic at the pool of our hotel in Texas. It came out very well even though I was holding the camera! See how Little Dude is pointing at the camer? That is his new favorite thing to do. He loves to point at everything he sees and have us explain it to him. CUTE!!! Also, guys, he is saying Dada and Mama!!! YAY!! I think he also says Yay! But I am not sure if it is Yay, or just a sound like it, but he does use it correctly! SOOOOO exciting! As of Saturday the 11th, he is now standing all by himself! He has been walking/running all around so long as he can hold the wall or furniture, but Saturday he stood up all by himself and didn't have to hold anything to balance! AWESOME!!!

Here is a beautiful picture of Bill and Little Dude playing in the pool at our hotel. In character, Little Dude is about to eat the pool side. Aren't their eyes lovely?

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