Monday, June 25, 2007

Beach Fun

Hi! Well, everything is going very well for us! Little Dude is growing like a weed and doing more and more cool stuff everyday. His latest trick is pointing and things he likes. Esp. overhead fans and lights..he LOVES them! He is also eating all kinds of foods, among his favorites are Thai and Mexican! The only thing we can't get him to eat is corn...I think that is only because he can't chew it so well yet. Other than corn, he will eat anything put in front of him! I'm very proud of my little eater!

This past week I visited my teacher, Dr. Linda Holley, for a fun filled day! Little Dude loved seeing her farm (she has horses!) and her puppy was a big hit! Dr. Holley was my Medieval British Lit teacher, and I tried my hardest to take every class she had before she retired! She is the GREATEST teacher ever and I think her passion for Chaucer rubbed off on me because of how wonderful of a teacher she was! Anyways, I am now going to read Troylis and Cresede (by Chaucer, and no, I don't have to go buy it/check it out because I still have my AWESOME The Riverside Chaucer from college) and go back in a few weeks to discuss the story with her....I am soooo excited! I guess that means I am a dork. I still can't wait to be done reading so I can hear her ideas and thoughts and talk about mine as is just so fun!! I have pictures, but they are still on the camera...sorry! I know, I will post pictures soon, I am behind.

We also had a fun filled weekend with my in-laws, and again Little Dude LOVED every minute. We all took him to the beach and it was such a blast! We forgot his hat, so Ed made a little bandanna for Little Dude with a handkerchief. The pictures look awesome; Little Dude looks like a pirate! He had the best time at the beach and was not scared of the waves at all! We would sit with him and let the waves come up on the shore and hit his legs; it was like Christmas! Little Dude got SOOOO excited!

My job is going very well and I am loving having the shopping money! I am learning a lot about computer code and website development as well, which is very exciting!

Well, that is all the update for now. I will try to have pictures all uploaded by my next post. Bye!

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Karen said...

Hey Michelle (and AJ & Will!)... Just wanted to let you know that I DID in fact remember your blog address as you told it to me the other night. Had a lot of fun hanging out with you guys Sat. night and I am always amazed that you are willing to open up your house to all of us and clean up the mess we all leave behind :( SO sorry. You can come and make a mess here sometime- you are LONG overdue, lol. Anyways, this is a long comment, oops, but I will tell you my blog address if you are ever really bored. All I do is pretty much talk about my cats and school, lol, but maybe there will be something more interesting in the future to blog about.

And also, my AIM name is kccbodie if you want to add me and message me sometime. I am pretty much bored, studying, or just hanging out at home most of the time, so I'll probably be here anytime that you are signed on.